2017-2018 NEO NLN Leadership:

Regional Chair: Mandi Goodsett
Regional Vice-Chair, OELMA Liaison: Jacqueline Kociubuk
Secretary, OLC Liaison: Rebecca Wendeln
Outreach and Membership Director, Vendor Liaison: Christina Rodriques
Social Media and Marketing Director, NEO-RLS Liaison: Wendy Bromfield
Tours Coordinator, ALAO Liaison: Evan Meszaros
Kent SLIS Liaison: Chloe Zarbakhsh

2016-2017 NEO NLN Leadership:

Regional Chair: Mandi Goodsett

Regional Secretary: Bridget Sutter

Outreach/Social Media Director: Amanda O’Mara

Programming Director: Tyler Kroon

Kent State SLIS Liaison: Chloe Bragg

OELMA Liaison: Amanda O’Mara

ALAO Liaison: Evan Meszaros

2016-2017 SWON NLN Leadership:

Regional Co-Chair: Jillian Sandy
Regional Co-Chair: Mandi Goodsett

The positions listed below are all totally optional and up for discussion! If you are interested in becoming a leader in NLNO and have ideas for what you’d like to do, please fill out the following form: Leadership Interest Form. Each position I have listed below can exist in any one of the four regional group and is open for changes and suggestions!

Officers in each region will include a chair and vice-chair/chair-elect and any other position determined to be necessary by the group. The vice-chair/chair-elect serves for two years, one year as vice-chair, and one year as chair.

Regional Chair: Acts as a liaison to other regional groups and attends all cross-regional NLN board meetings. Maintains close contact with regional library group for support and event coordination. Sets agenda for all regional board meetings and facilitates meetings on a regular basis. Works with other board members to set annual goals, assess events throughout the year, and submit an annual report to cross-regional NLN board.

Regional Vice-Chair: Works with regional board members to create, distribute, and collect survey and assessment data for NLN activities and events. In absence of Chair, oversees regional board meetings. Assists other board members as necessary.

Regional Secretary: Takes minutes at regional NLN meetings and distributes minutes for corrections. Submits corrected minutes to chair. Assists other board members as necessary.

Regional Outreach and Membership Director: Oversees recruitment of new NLN members through promotional materials, upkeep of the website, and presence at local events relevant to new professionals or library students. Sends welcome email to all new NLN members.

Regional Social Media and Marketing Director: Oversees marketing of services, events, and leadership opportunities via social media, list-servs, and the NLN Google Group. Coordinates all social media channels for his/her regional NLN group.

Regional Programming Director: Coordinates 3-4 social and professional development events throughout the course of the year for NLN members. Works closely with regional library group to use regional resources and coordinate regional activities. [Position shared by all board members at present.]

Regional Tours Coordinator: Coordinates 1-2 annual library tour events for members of his/her regional group at libraries in that region of Ohio. Facilitates scheduling, sign-up, and coordination of event.

Kent State SLIS Liaison: Maintains communication with Kent State SLIS program about events offered by SLIS and NLN for marketing and coordination purposes. Encourages participation in NLN events by SLIS students and graduates, as well as participation in relevant SLIS events for NLN members.

Other Ohio Library Organization Liaisons: Maintains communication with OELMA, OLC, ALAO, NEO-RLS, and other library organizations about events offered by NLN for marketing and coordinating purposes. Encourages participation by members and solicits sponsorship from groups for NLN events.

For descriptions of other potential board positions, see VLA NMRT’s position descriptions here.

Document based on VLA NMRT’s.


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